Authentic movement workshops

Authentic Movement in Mainz, Germany – 2023

Date: 22. April 2023
Time: 14:00 - 17:00
Location: Practice rooms FAMILIEN-BAN.DE, Breite Stra├če 53, Rear building in 55124 Mainz-Gonsenheim

For women and men with movement and body therapy experience who want to get involved in this kind of experience process. It is possible to join an ongoing monthly Authentic Movement group after a one-on-one interview.

Participation fee: EUR 60,00

Registration adress:

Five days Authentic Movement at Lake Como, Italy (Pentecost)

Start date: 25. May 2023
End date: 29. May 2023
All-day event
Location: Colico at Lago di Como in Italy

Workshop with Lila Twardon and Elena Rovagnati

Authentic Movement is a method of dance and movement therapy which helps us to open up our own inner space, to listen and to get in touch with our authentic selves.
Authentic movement takes us closer to our inner witness, the part inside of us which helps us to observe and experiment with body sensations, emotions and inner imagery without judging.

Moving dreams

In this workshop, our dreams come to life through our movements: dreams we have had lately, reoccurring dreams and also our lives’ dreams.
When we trust in our body we connect with our imagination, our emotions – and the dream unfolds. It flows into the movements, changes into images and shapes. It becomes part of the lake, the woods, the landscape surrounding us. We open up a door to our instinctive wisdom and to our true self.

Location: Colico at Lake Como in Italy

Price: 450.00 euros

Accomodation: Hotel or holiday flat can be booked locally, also on the waterfront.
Alternatively you can stay in your own tent, this costs 12.00 euros per night.

Catering: On the day of arrival you will have dinner and on the other days we will have lunch. There will also be snacks during the sessions. Cost for all five days: 120.00 euros

Registration and information: